Richard Haddrill has been CEO of three successful high-technology public companies, and he currently serves as a board member of six companies. And, thanks to great teams, an initial $10,000 investment 21 years ago would have grown to over $10 million during his combined leadership. He founded The Groop to further his investing in private companies and mentoring of leaders.


In addition to software and technology, Dick has extensive experience in the gaming, supply chain, international business, capital raising and acquisitions. Before his career in technology, he was a Managing Partner and National Director of Entrepreneurial Services at Ernst & Young.


Haddrill has served on the Board of Directors of seven public companies and six equity-backed private companies. He also lived in Paris for two years and was responsible for 20 offices across Europe as well as Asia, Africa, and South America.


He has experience in a wide range of leadership and management issues needed to turnaround or rapidly grow a business including; strategy, new product development, offshore technology, international expansion, personnel acquisition and development, financially driven decision making, and mergers and acquisitions. He also is experienced in corporate governance matters and qualifies as a financial expert.

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